Tosh's Eberron Campaign

Prison Break

Session 01

The party began in a Karrnathi prison. Each member had been imprisoned for at least two years, some as many as ten years. Although the Last War ended over a year ago, the prison was still operating as a slave camp, with the prisoners performing manual labor for Warden Norton and Guard Captain Hadley. The number of guards had been slowly decreasing since the end of the war. The party was held in a small prison block of six cells. The sixth cell had previously been occupied by Kvort’s love interest, an elf woman named Eiluvial. She was recently killed by Guard Captain Hadley, for reasons unknown.

The party awoke one morning to find their cell doors unlocked and open. A small bag was found on the floor, containing a key to the party’s cuffs, and a small note. The note said “New Thistlewood – meet at the Inn.” After some exploration, the party found one of the guards dead on the floor of the prison. The cause of death was unknown, but he appeared gaunt, and had some black markings that indicated some sort of magic use.

Further exploration revealed that the main prison door was also unlocked. This door was controlled from a nearby room, outside the cell area. This would have been impossible to open from inside. The guard here was also found dead. The party was able to recover some equipment from the dead guards, and a weapon rack found in the guard room. Bjorkus and Howler went through all the cells, passing the key around to unlock the prisoners’ leg irons. The cell doors were still locked however, so the party was forced to continue on without the aid of the other prisoners.

Proceeding carefully out of the prison, the party encountered a group of guards who were relaxing in a common room. Combat ensued, and with the help of a well-placed flock of bats from Bjorkus, the party defeated the guards. Afterwards, the party encountered an Orc prisoner named Groth, who was found sweeping the floors in the common area. He asked the party to free him from his shackles, and the party obliged.

Meanwhile, a commotion began around the prison, indicating that news of their escape had spread. Groth helped the party barricade one of the doors, and the party continued towards the Warden’s and Guard Captain’s rooms. The Guard Captain turned up in the next hallway, right outside the barracks. Kvort kicked off a bloody melee, and was able to hold the doorway along with Howler, and support from Deacon’s defensive runes. The guard captain and his allies were defeated, leaving the party free to explore the remainder of the prison.

Qadan was able to recover the prison’s logbook, and the party was able find some equipment from the armory. Howler discovered that the Guard Captain was using his old Khopesh, while Kvort was able to find an unused suit of hide armor. A brief search for Groth turned up empty.

Upon leaving the main prison building, the party discovered Warden Norton rallying some troops in the prison courtyard. After a tense exchange with the Warden, Kvort again initiated a fracas. This time some pesky archers gave the party some trouble, but in the end the party emerged victorious again.



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