Tosh's Eberron Campaign

The Tomb of Korgen Thistlewood

Session 03

The party started this session on the road, having just been ambushed by a group of rabid Halflings. This was obviously the group that Anton had asked the party to investigate, so Howler proceeded to follow the raiding party’s tracks back to their camp. It was obviously a temporary camp set up by the ambush party, and few valuables were found. An older set of tracks led away from the camp.

The party, again led by Howler, was able to follow these tracks. They headed generally back towards New Thistlewood, but through the forest and not along the road. As he was tracking, Howler was able to hear an approaching patrol, and was able to alert the party before they crossed paths. The party intercepted the patrol, which turned out to be a human, two halflings, and a shifter. All of them had the same feral look and clothing as the raiding party they had fought earlier. Qadan attempted to parlay with them, but they were immediately hostile and attacked the party on sight. The human begain by summoning two earth elementals, which attacked the party alongside the humanoids. After a rough battle that saw Bjorkus fall unconscious, the party emerged victorious.

After dispatching the patrol, the party continued to follow the original tracks through the woods. The trail eventually merged with a rough footpath, which the party followed up a hill. Howler hid in the woods along the side of the path, and stealthily approached the crest of the hill. There he found a pair of Halflings guarding the entrance to a tomb.

Howler returned to the party and described the situation. The party decided to approach the tomb quietly through the woods, but this time the guards were able to spot Howler and Qadan. Two large mounds of dirt surfaced and began to harass Qadan, while the Halflings encased themselves in stone as they pounded away at Howler and Shado. By the time the rest of the party arrived, both Howler and Shado had fallen, and Qadan was fighting for his life.

As the rest of the party engaged the guards, K’vort paused briefly, feeling that the tomb was familiar to him somehow. He wasn’t sure why, and didn’t have much time to think about it, as another Halfling soon emerged from the tomb, summoning and flinging boulders at the party. The fight was long and difficult, but the guards eventually fell, leaving the characters to recover from their wounds.

The party entered the tomb, which K’vort judged to be roughly 40-50 years old. Inside were two sarcophagi, one each for Korgen and Raina Thistlewood. Upon searching the interior, the party discovered a trapdoor under Korgen’s sarcophagus, but decided to rest before venturing into the tunnel below. As they made preparations, a loud crashing sound emerged from the tunnel. The party surmised that a passage had collapsed below, which they would investigate after a night’s rest.



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