Tosh's Eberron Campaign

Caric Whitestone

Session 04

The party began this session just outside the tomb of Korgen Thistlewood, having just spent the night in the forest nearby. As planned, the party ventured into the tunnel revealed by the secret door under Korgen’s sarcophagus. K’vort examined the tunnel and concluded that it was part of the original architecture of the tomb. The party immediately discovered the cave-in a short way into the tunnel. Stones and rubble completely blocked off the passageway, leaving a side doorway as the only reasonable path to advance.

The door appeared to be a makeshift cover for a tunnel that had been carved into the wall. The large metal door was barred from the inside, so it was easy for the party to remove the bar and open the door. The tunnel quickly opened up into a cavern, where the party encountered a number of giant ants. Howler and Raithar were familiar with these large insects, which are not uncommon in Khorvaire. These particular ants were different, however, in that they appeared to have a number of mutations. Some of them had extra limbs, some had unusually large mandibles, and some even had tentacles. They were also extremely aggressive, and attacked the party on sight. Fortunately the party was able to dispatch the group with relative ease, and evaluate their next step.

Two tunnels led out from the cavern, in addition to the one from which the party came. One tunnel appeared to lead deeper into the ant cave, while the other ended in a door similar to the one the party had just encountered. The group surmised that the doorway was likely to lead back into the tomb structure, which was their original goal. Ignoring the rest of the ant colony, the party chose to continue investigating the tomb.

The doorway led directly into a large round room, which was also part of the original tomb construction. Several braziers were placed around the room, of which all but one where lit by magical flames. In the center of the room stood a large stone statue – a human male in plate armor, armed with a large mace and a shield. The nameplate said “Caric Whitestone”, although the statue was black in color. K’vort attempted to identify the material, but while its texture seemed like marble, the dark black color was unusual. While studying the statue, K’vort again felt a familiarity with this room.

A small vault lay open and empty at the foot of the statue. After examining the vault for several minutes, the party was unable to find anything noteworthy. Placing an item in the vault, and then removing it had no apparent effect. Lighting the last brazier also had no effect. The party then focused its attention on a trapdoor, which was on the floor on the far side of the room. The door appeared to be built in similar fashion to the ones blocking the ant tunnels, except this one led into tunnel in the floor, rather than the wall.

As soon as Qadan attempted to open the door, a loud voice said, “Do not open the vault,” and the statue attacked the party. The fight was long, difficult, and nearly fatal for the party. The statue continuously spawned small globes of black energy, which the party was forced to destroy, while the statue continued to bash at K’vort with its giant mace and shield. K’vort eventually fell, knocked unconscious by a blow that would have killed even the heartiest of men. The rest of the party rallied, and was finally able to defeat the statue. Upon defeat, the statue crumbled, and the dark color faded away to reveal a natural white marble color. Deacon examined the remains determined that the golem’s original intent was to guard the vault, but it had been altered to instead guard the trap door. Deacon was also able to recover a part of the golem’s core, which he fashioned into a component for himself.

After the grueling encounter with the golem, the party decided to rest before venturing below.



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