Tosh's Eberron Campaign


Session 05

The party awoke fully refreshed from their rest after defeating the guardian golem. Packing their things, they ventured deeper into the tunnel below the tomb.

They immediately found themselves in a long hallway, which ended in a double door. On each side of the corridor was a doorway. The tunnel itself appeared to be architected, although not in the same style as the tomb above. The construction seemed recent and, while stable, less skillfully done than the tomb.

The party advanced, and found that the doorways opened into a set of four rooms, two on each side of the hallway. These were the living quarters of the Halflings. Here the party encountered a pair of deformed Halflings, with inky black skin, long gangly arms, and gaunt, horrid faces with large mouths. The creatures attacked on sight, and were soon joined by two more humanoids, who approached through the double door. These newcomers were even more hideous than the aberrant Halflings – one was a large, ape-like humanoid with large fists and a gaping mouth, while the other was taller and thinner, with long thin arms and tentacles sprouting from its back. K’vort recognized these as Foulspawn, created by the Daelkyr in the Realm of Madness. While not unheard of, they are not often found in Eberron.

The characters were able to defeat the Foulspawn and the mutated Halflings without too much difficulty. They proceeded to search the barracks, which had once been furnished, but was now quite a mess. The cots were in disarray, and the footlockers were smashed and strewn about. The party was able to dig up some gold, and various bits of jewelry and treasure, including a fine necklace. Several sheets of old, decaying paper were also found throughout the area. Qadan took particular interest in these, and was able to piece together the remains of an old journal. Most of the journal was missing, either lost over time or discarded by the Halflings, but he was able to read parts of the pages that did remain. It seemed to be a journal of an old monk, who recorded both his personal thoughts and the journeys of his adventuring party. The monk did not mention his own name, but his companions were Korgen, Caric, Jaylen, and Dirge.

After searching the barracks, the party ventured forth through the double doors. The doors opened into a large cavern, which was neither architected nor naturally formed. It seemed as though the cavern was simply blasted out of the rock. There were also body parts, blood, and bones scattered throughout the area. Some of the body parts were still moving, and along with a handful of Dolgaunts, they attacked the party. The fight was tough, but the party ultimately defeated the Foulspawn. They took a moment to look around the cave, gather their thoughts, and take a brief rest before exploring the rest of the cave.



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