Deacon is large, even for a warforged, standing at over 7 feet, and weighing well over 300 pounds. His body, armor and weapons are also covered in many ancient runic symbols, which is where he draws his divine powers.



AC – 17
Fortitude – 14
Reflex – 12
Will – 15


Weapon Proficiency (Talenta Sharrash)
You gain proficiency with the Talenta Sharrash.

Class Features

Rune Master
Rune of Destruction – Allies gain +1 to attack against enemies adjacent to you
Rune of Protection – Allies adjacent to you gain resist 2 all

Rune of Mending
Gain Rune of Mending power

Runic Artistry
Defiant Word – Gain bonus damage equal to Wis modifier against creature that misses you.


Deacon was a human from Karrnath. Several years ago, he was severely wounded in battle, leaving him comatose. The nature of his original trauma that nearly killed him is still unknown to him, as his memory has yet to fully recover, however, he believes he was setup by his commanding officer, and sent on a suicide mission. His father, who was a great scholar for Karrnath, secretly began studying to find a way to heal his son, whom all healers and mystics had already given up on. While his father was unable to find a cure directly, he did stumble upon a ritual that had long since been lost, which was the ability to transfer a person’s soul from their body. It was an ancient, divine ritual, harnessing the runic powers of the gods manipulate the spirit. Deacon’s body was beginning to fail at this point, and he had very little time left. His father believed the best course of action would be to transfer his son’s soul into a vessel that would last long enough for him to find a proper cure. He decided to steal a warforged servant from House Deneith, and transfer his son’s soul into it, while keeping his natural body preserved.

However, House Deneith discovered this plan, and attempted to track down Deacon’s father. They eventually caught up to him just as he was completing the ritual to transfer Deacon’s soul out of his body, but interfered, killing his father in the process. The ritual had partially been a success, and Deacon’s soul was now inside the warforged construct, but he had lost the majority of his memory, remembering only military training he had received. He also seemed to now possess a knowledge of the runic powers that had been used on them, and this power would slowly began to develop into something more.

House Deneith became very interested in this warforged with a soul, and believed they could benefit from the ritual used to do this. Their thinking was that they would be able to provide mercenaries to the armies of Karrnath, superior to any that were available before, for a premium price. They would have the endurance and strength of a Warforged, while possessing the training and instincts of a human.

Deacon was taken to a prison a year ago, and has been studied ever since. The scholars and mages of House Deneith, however, have yet to figure out the key to the process that made him into the being he is now. His memory has also slowly been returning, and while he was once passive and willing, he has now become resistant and angry, thinking only of escape from this prison, and to find out why and how this happened to him.

His areas of knowledge include:
- Use of runic powers, and knowledge of the gods
- Frontline military skills, including weapon training and combat tactics
- Warforged component construction


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