Qadan Turis

A human Syrethane Monk serving Dol Arrah.


1st level human monk

STR: 10
CON: 12 (1)
DEX: 18 (
INT: 10
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 10

HP: 24

AC: 18
Fort: 14
Ref: 16
Will: 15

Dragonmark: Mark of Scribing

Personality Traits

  • Fanatical about proper grooming and cleanliness.
  • Suspicious of friendly strangers (particularly attractive women).
  • Committed to prayer and good works.
  • Writes daily and keeps a journal.
  • Fascinated by old books and scrolls.

Knowledge Areas

  • Wine Making
  • Agriculture
  • Scribe Crafts (making ink, brushes, pens, paper, and parchment)
  • Sovereign Host Theology
  • Plants Used in Healing
  • Bio:

    Qadan is originally from Karrnath. His father, Degral Turis, was a man-at-arms for Lorkim Suornum, Baron Paenlar, a minor baron who followed his father’s lead in trying to advance the family in the war through cruel, aggressive, and morally questionable strategies and tactics (they were on the forefront of using necromancy and undead minions in war). Degral Turis took to this cruelty with enthusiasm, and he was already a cut above most of the men-at-arms by virtue of having a dragonmark Mark of Sentinel. Baron Paenlar rewarded Degral Turis’ loyalty and enthusiasm by giving him a new wife (it’s unclear what exactly happened to his previous wife, the mother of Degral’s son and Qadan’s older half-brother).

    The Lady Elwyan Qilarn was the daughter of a minor nobleman along the border of Thrane (and whose grandmother was from Aundair). When a Karrnathi expeditionary force, led by the Baron Paenlar, showed up in his lands, Lady Elwyan’s father bribed them into passing through by offering them gold and his second daughter’s hand in marriage. Needless to say, Baron Paenlar wasn’t going to agree until he saw that Lady Elwyan had dragonmark, the Mark of Passage, the family being of the House of Orien. (Of course, Baron Paenlar led his men back later, after the wedding, and laid waste to the lands anyway, killing most of the family. Before the end of the war, Thranish forces took the lands back.)

    (The reason Baron Paenlar married this Thranish lady to one of his men-at-arms is because of a project proposed by his vizier, a mage named Malcil Thergrom. Malcil Thergrom is part of a cabal of Karrnathi magi trying to recreate the lost Mark of Death through aberrant dragonmarks. They’ve been using spells and potions on pregnant women of certain Houses, impregnated by men of certain other Houses, and getting closer to their goals. Even though the war is over, their ambition, and the ambition of certain Karrnathi nobles, is not.)

    Qadan Turis was born with an aberrant dragonmark, but not the one they hoped for – he was born with the Mark of Scribing. Although not a success, Qadan was born with a distinct, aberrant mark, stronger and healthier than a normal baby. Malcil Thergrom and his fellows had additional, nefarious plans for the child – he was still very important to them for some reason.

    Before they could advance their plans, Lady Elwyan’s Lady in Waiting (a cousin from the Aundair side of the family) stole baby Qadan at his mother’s secret behest and took him to Aundair, where she left him at a Syreth Monastery in the remote countryside. Qadan was a dedicated monk, an excellent student and scribe. His best friends at the monastery were another young monk, a half-elf named Thanelus, and a venerable old teacher, a human named Baragand.

    Years later, Degral Turis had fallen out of favor. At the behest of Malcil Thergrom, Degral Turis’ first son (Qadan’s half-brother), Buldarc Turis, decided to try to recover his missing half-brother after intercepting letters from Thrane to his stepmother. Buldarc realized that Qadan was living in a monastery somewhere in Aundair. Buldarc hired a female rogue to pose as, Thelia, a handmaid to Lady Elwyan. She researched her role well and then snuck into Aundair, trying to hunt down the missing Qadan. She finally located the monastery in question and delivered a letter to Qadan that was allegedly written by his mother. The letter claimed that Qadan had a baby sister who was in some kind of danger.

    Against his better judgment, Qadan snuck out of the monastery and accompanied Thelia, who used her feminine wiles to win Qadan’s trust and affection. She led him back into Karrnath and into Buldarc’s trap. Qadan barely escaped with his life, but not before learning that Buldarc was trying to capture him at the behest of some clique of sorcerers.

    Qadan was on his way back to Aundair, trying to avoid the war, when he was captured by Karrnathi soldiers near the border who weren’t sure if he was a spy or a deserter or what. They sent him off to a work prison, not aware that he was wanted elsewhere (Turis isn’t a common family name, but it’s not particularly rare either). While in prison, Qadan has used what little non-labor time the prisoners have to organize non-denominational prayer groups and religious discussions, with any of his fellow prisoners or the guards that he can get interested. He has never tried to impress or curry favor with the guards (or his fellow prisoners), but he tries to treat everyone as someone reasonable and worthy of civil interaction.

    What Qadan knows:

    • He has some unknown relatives in Aundair somewhere.
    • That he has an aberrant dragonmark (obviously).
    • Who his father and mother are.
    • That a mage named Malcil Thergrom is part of some plot that seems nefarious, and they want Qadan for some reason.

    What Qadan doesn’t know:

    • Where his mother and father currently are, or if they’re both alive.
    • What his half-brother, Buldarc, is up to now.
    • Why any wizard would want anything to do with him.
    • If he in fact has a baby sister (although he rather doubts it).
    • Any of the details of how his parents were married, or the sorcerous project that may have led to his dragonmark.
    • What happened to “Thelia” or who she really is.

    Qadan Turis

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