Campaign People and Places

These are people and places that have come up in the campaign once we started playing it. Obviously some of these are going to end up being more important than others, and as we move forward through the campaign the ones who aren’t likely to be encountered again will be moved to an archival section at the bottom of this document.


An older, handsome half-elf merchant trader and owner of multiple caravans that transport goods across Khorvaire. He claims to have been friends with Eiluvial, and engineered the escape of the PCs with the assistance of unspecified “friends” (he did not know that Eiluvial mere days before the escape). He has hired the PCs to help track down and stop a group of seemingly-feral Halflings who have been attacking caravans coming in and out of New Thistlewood, assisted by, apparently, some form of earth/stone elemental magic.


A Halfling farmer who ended up in the prison with the PCs. Owns a farm outside New Thistlewood.

Briel (Bree-el)

Baris’ wife; a Halfling farmer outside New Thistlewood.


A Halfling waitress at the New Thistlewood Inn.

Francis Thistlewood

A Halfling who owns and runs the New Thistlewood Inn, one of the largest and most luxurious inns in all of Khorvaire. He has the Dragonmark of Hospitality. His father founded the town of New Thistlewood.


An orc who was a prisoner in the prison with the PCs at the beginning of the campaign. At first it appeared that he might be a werebear, but he later revealed that he was a druid, one of the Gatekeepers [see their entry below].

Guard Captain Hadley

The cruel guard captain of the Karrnathi prison the PCs begain the campaign in. He was slain by the PCs.


One of the Five Nations of Khorvaire, Karrnath is a nation ruled by King Kaius III that is proud of its martial heritage and is the oldest of the Five Nations. It was founded by Karrn the Conqueror over two thousand years ago. The nation is particularly noted for its widespread use of undead troopers during the Last War and also the ruthless dictatorship of its monarch.


The name of the Eberron continent where the campaign takes place.


A human caravan driver working for Anton. He was driving one of the caravans that was attacked by seemingly-feral Halflings (he also seems to have a mistrust of Halflings in general).

New Thistlewood

A town in Karrnath near the prison at the start of the campaign. Southeast, on the border. Was a haven for refugees during the Last War. Founded by a Halfling, the majority of the town’s residents, and the farmers who work the land around it, are Halflings.

Warden Norton

The warden of the Karrnathi prison the PCs were imprisoned in at the beginning of the campaign. Had a particular mean streak for Kvort [Kyle’s PC].

Campaign People and Places

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