Eberron World Facts

These are people and places that are part of the fabric of Eberron and its history that are connected to campaign events, PCs, and their backstories.


The Sovereign of Horn and Hunt, Balinor embodies the hunt and nature amongst the gods of the Sovereign Host. Revered by rangers, druids and barbarians alike Balinor represents the embodiment of nature, and taking what is needed from the bounty of nature. Revered (more than actively worshipped) by Howler [Todd’s PC].


The daelkyr are extraplanar creatures native to the realm of Xoriat. Daelkyr are said to look like extremely beautiful and shapely humans, but with a hint of madness in their eyes and chitinous armor covering their bodies. They are responsible for most of the aberrations in Eberron, including beholders, dolgaunts, some symbiotic creatures, and many others.

The daelkyr attempted a planar invasion during the time of the Dhakaani Empire, releasing hordes of their aberrant creations into the material plane. It took an alliance between the goblinoids of the Dhaakhani empire and the orc druids of the Gatekeepers to repel the invading daelkyr, cutting off the plane of Xoriat from Eberron and sealing the remaining daelkyr and their servants within Khyber. These remaining daelkyr are the stuff of nightmares, and common folk often tell stories of these alien beings believing them to be stories and nothing more.

Demon of Khyber

A powerful demon from Khyber. Khyber is said to be the body of one of the three Progenitor Dragons that created the world of Eberron. It is a massive subterranean realm that is filled with Devils, Demons, Daelkyr, nightmarish, and the sleeping Rajah that were bound by the Dragons and the Gatekeepers.

Dhakaani Empire (aka The Empire of Dhakaan)

The Dhakaani Empire was a mighty goblinoid nation that dominated most of Khorvaire over a period extending from about 15,000 years ago to about 5000 years ago. The Dhakaani fought a war against the invaders from Xoriat, the plane of madness, which exhausted the resources of their empire around 9000 years ago; the Daelkyr were eventually defeated by the Gatekeepers, an order of druids. The last emperor of the Dhakaani, called the “Shaking Emperor,” because he was afraid of everything, fled and disappeared, taking with him a scepter, an artifact held by countless emperor’s before him. Lhesh Haruuc, the ruler of modern Darguun, desires the scepter as a symbol of his rule, hoping it will keep his people united. There are few Dhakaani clans left among the goblin peoples, the dar, in their own tongue. Among those clans left are the Kech Volaar, the “Word Bearers”, and the Kech Sharaat, the “Blade Bearers”.

Dol Arrah

One of the gods of the Sovereign Host. The Sovereign of Sun and Sacrifice, Dol Arrah is the light, not only of the sun, but also of the good aspects of a mortals soul. Many Vassals see her as important as Aureon and Boldrei in the formation of a community, and believe that if more of their number recognized that their faith would be much brighter. The patron of paladins, diplomats and all who seek justice as well as explorers who bring light to dark and forgotten places Dol Arrah oversees all those who fight with wisdom as well as weapons. She also provides the light needed for Arawai’s harvest. Worshipped by Qadan Turis [Chris’ PC].

The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers are the oldest of the many druidic sects of Khorvaire, though they were heavily decimated during the invasions of the daelkyr. Their main task is to defend nature against aberrations, outsiders, undead and similarly unnatural beings. The first of the Gatekeepers were orcs, taught their magic by the dragon Vvaraak.

House Deneith

A human dragonmarked house based in Khorvaire. The House was formed by a family of warlords in the area of Karrlakton where they still live today. They were the first humans to manifest dragonmarks and the theirs’ was the fourth Dragonmark to be discovered (Mark of Sentinel). They were skilled warriors and warlords and with the mark they became even more powerful. House Deneith was essential in forging the current Kingdom of Karrnath.

House Kundarak

House Kundarak is a dwarven dragonmarked house throughout Khorvaire, though their most preciously guarded vaults lie beneath the bedrock of Eberron itself in the Mror Holds. The dwarves of House Kundarak also manage the large island prison of Dreadhold with only one successful escape ever recorded, with the fugitives being hunted down heavily by other houses. They have the dragonmark Mark of Warding.

House of Orien

House Orien is a human dragonmarked house throughout Khorvaire, with it’s major enclave located in Passage, Aundair. House Orien possesses the Mark of Passage. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to control travel and teleportation. House Orien has secured itself in the infastructure of Khorvaire with the Lightning Rail.

The Iron Council

The Iron Council is composed of the dwarf lords of Mror Holds. Although House Kundarak is officially only an observer of the Iron Council, it is widely believed that they still hold significant power from the shadows. The council is based in the large city of Krona Peak, the closest thing the dwarves have to a capital city.


A powerful orc clan that seeks membership on the dwarves’ Iron Council.

Mroranon (Clan Mroranon)

Influential dwarf clan that owns mines that produce the finest grade metal ore, which they have expanded into an extensive trade with Breland. The dwarf clan most vehement in proposing the elimination of the Jhorash’tar orcs. Other clans seek to incorporate the Jhorash’tar among the clans, an opinion which the clan buries at every Iron Council. Given that clan leader Torlan Mroranon is the arbiter of the Iron Council, their motivations are more likely to prevail. Mroranonhold lies inside Krona Peak.


One of the gods of the Sovereign Host, he’s the Sovereign of Forge and Flame Onatar is revered by smiths, craftsmen, artificers, dwarves and even a small portion of warforged. Worshipped by Kvort [Kyle’s PC].

The Silver Flame

The Silver Flame is the quintessentially pure abstract entity of goodness and law. Closely associated with Tira Miron, the Voice of the Silver Flame, all those wishing to communicate with the flame must speak through Tira for the purity of the flame is too great for any mortal to hope to achieve. The Church of the Silver Flame follows the direction of the Silver Flame and focus primarily on eradicating supernatural forms of evil across Khorvaire and beyond. The faith of the Silver Flame is the dominant religion of Thrane.

The Sovereign Host

The Sovereign Host is the only confirmed ‘pantheon’ of Eberron. Worshipers of the Sovereign Host are called Vassals and they are divided across a wide variety of churches and organizations across Eberron. There is no central hierarchy to worship of the various gods of the Sovereign Host and practices vary tremendously between sects.

Tira Miron

Tira Miron is the paladin that in 299 YK, merged with the couatl to trap the demon of Khyber in the Silver Flame in Thrane. Her sacrifice is a pivotal cornerstone of the religion of the Silver Flame.

Eberron World Facts

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