PCs and Their Backstories

These are the PCs and people and places from their backstories.


A northern country bordering Thrane and Karrnath, with a reputation for being more peaceful and enlightened than it’s neighbors. Aundair is one of the five nations of the original Kingdom of Galifar. Although much of its western forest territory has now become the Eldeen Reaches, Aundair still possesses beautiful swaths of fertile fields that supply the nations of Khorvaire with food and fine wines, while large institutions of higher learning output scholars and knowledge. Where Qadan Turis [Chris’ PC] grew up in a monastery.


An aging human monk at the Syreth Monastery in Aundair. Qadan Turis’ [Chris’ PC] mentor there.


[Tim’s PC] A minotaur seeker/invoker born in the northern forest of Droaam. His father was the chieftain of their small village. Worshipper of the Silver Flame.

Buldarc Turis

Qadan Turis’ [Chris’ PC] half-brother. A cruel, ambitious officer serving Baron Paenlar of Karrnath. Has a Mark of the Sentinel.


[Raul’s PC] A warforged body from House Deneith now inhabited by the soul of a former human Karrnathi soldier. Now a runepriest. His father, who was a great scholar for Karrnath, is the one transferred Deacon’s soul, using an obscure, ancient ritual he had stumbled across. He was killed when agents of House Deneith interrupted the ritual to transfer Deacon’s soul into the warforged body.

Degral Turis

A Karrnathian man-at-arms in service to Lorkim Suornum, Baron Paenlar, a minor noble. Qadan Turis’ father [Chris’ PC]. Has the Mark of Sentinel.

Dolor Harlaek

Kvort’s [Kyle’s PC] surrogate father in Kundarakhold, a noble banker.


Droaam is a region ruled by monsters. Few of the civilized races dare to test its borders. Their connection with the rest of Khorvaire is limited to a single House Orien roadway that passes through Graywall and into The Great Crag. The Daughters of Sora Kell, a trio of powerful hags who now rule most of Droaam, have changed the land of Droaam with will, intelligence, and a small army of ogres. The ogres have created roads that link the few major communities. The Daughters have also created racial diversity that you would not think could work in a kingdom of monsters. You can find harpies, ogres, and orcs in the same street going about their own business but you could only find these in the major cities. The rule of the land is the strong rule the weak. The Hags only care about major threats like: raids and battle between monsters communities, raids on caravans, or anything that will look bad to the other kingdoms. Lesser crimes are mostly ignored, unless you are doing something to one of the warlords or their minions. Bjorkus [Tim’s PC] grew up here.


A female elf who was a prisoner at the prison the PCs were held in at the beginning of the game. She was killed by the prison’s guard captain a few days before the players escaped. She befriended the forgeborn dwarf Kvort [Kyle’s PC] and had a significant impact on his character, in particular through the book of elf poems and songs she gave him.

Gaven Odarro

House Orien merchant who took over Kalor d’Thronar’s caravan after Kalor was promoted to a lightning rail position. Odarro sold out his caravan to armsmen in Oskilor, leading it into an ambush that only its scout, Howler [Todd’s PC], survived.


Kvort’s [Kyle’s PC] father from the Fist of Onatar. Believed Kvort’s dragonmark was a sign from Onatar that Kvort was to be rejoined with the dwarves of Kundarakhold.


[Todd’s PC] A shifter ranger born in the Towering Wood, near the Twilight Demesne. He has a powerful wolf animal companion named Shado. Reveres (more than actually worships) Balinor.

Kalor d’Thronar

A caravan leader and member of House Orien. He hired Howler [Todd’s PC] to work as a scout for him. Later promoted to a lightning rail position that he presumably still holds.


[Kyle’s PC] A forgeborn dwarf warden from the Fist of Onatar, the Volcano in which the dwarves believe Onatar dwells. Worships Onatar. First dwarf from the Fist of Onatar to manifest House Kundarak’s dragonmark, the Mark of Warding.

Lady Elwyan Qilarn Turis

The daughter of a minor nobleman along the border of Thrane (with relatives in Aundair), forced to marry Degral Turis to save her father near the very end of the Last War. Qadan Turis’ mother [Chris’ PC]. Has the Mark of Passage. Member of the House of Orien.


An orc woman and worshipper of the Silver Flame. Wife of Ranak and something of a surrogate mother to Bjorkus [Tim’s PC]. Lives in Thrace.

Lorkim Suornum, Baron Paenlar

A minor baron of Karrnath, cruel, petty, and ambitious.

Malcil Thergrom

Baron Paenlar of Karrnath’s vizier and some sort of mage. Part of some sort of cabal of sinister magi involved in trying to create an aberrant Mark of Death, among other sinister plots. Wants to capture Qadan Turis [Chris’ PC] because of Qadan’s aberrant Mark of Scribing, which very likely was caused by experiments clandestinely performed by his cabal on Qadan’s mother when she was pregnant with him.

Qadan Turis

[Chris’ PC] A 20 year old human Syrethane monk from Aundair. Worships the Sovereign Host generally and serves Dol Arrah specifically. Has an aberrant Mark of Scribing dragonmark.


An orc missionary and priest of the Silver Flame. He was Bjorkus’ [Tim’s PC] mentor and teacher. Lives in Thrace.


A minotaur warlord who expanded his territory throughout Droaam. He razed the village Bjorkus[Tim’s PC] was raised in and killed Bjorkus’ father.


Howler’s [Todd’s PC] powerful wolf animal companion.

Syreth Monastery

A monastery in Aundair devoted to Dol Arrah. Qadan Turis [Chris’ PC] was raised there.


A young half-elf monk at the Syreth Monastery in Aundair. Qadan Turis’ [Chris’ PC] best friend when he was there.

Thelia (probably not her real name)

A rogue who posed as a handmaiden to Lady Elwyan Qilarn Turis at Buldarc Turis’ behest to lure Qadan Turis [Chris’ PC] back to Karrnath and a trap.

PCs and Their Backstories

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